Intelligent and luxurious clothing for modern customers who define themselves through music and art

Whyred was launched in 1999 by sleek and talented fashion designers Roland Hjort, Jonas Clason and Lena Patriksson Keller, and was born out of an insatiable desire to design a line of bold and adventurous garments for smart and courageous men and women. The name derives from a vintage 1950s radio interview with celebrated artist Sven X Erixon, Roland Hjort’s grandfather, in which the interviewer expressed a desire to learn his favourite colour. When Sven replied, ‘red,’ the interviewer went on to ask, ‘Why red?’ to which Sven in a wry, deadpan fashion responded with, ‘All right, blue then.’ Since its inception at the turn of the century, Whyred has developed a substantial following, particularly among stylish, street-smart individuals who embrace sophisticated modernist culture with passion and vigour.

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